Our Physicians

Every physician here is fully qualified. Most have had restrictions imposed by their respective College of Physicians and Surgeons. In many cases you will have to click a button having read the Notice of which the College insists you are informed  before consulting with the doctor.

Many people consider this as a “badge of honour” because it indicates the doctor has stood up for his commitment to do no harm. In any case, please understand that your doctor’s courage to be here represents their commitment to you to do their best.

Dr. Patrick Phillips

Dr. Patrick Phillips

Founder of Angel's Heart Medical

Working for years as an ER physician, Dr. Phillips began to speak publicly of his concerns about the risks of social restrictions around the pandemic, was sanctioned heavily by the CPSO and removed from his hospital post.

He is now able to see patients in his new office and to do home visits in his locality.

Location: Engelhart and Kirkland Lake

Review the restrictions imposed on Dr. Phillips by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.

Dr. Phillips is pleased to be able to offer care to those who are able to come to his office however he is NOT able to help remotely.

His office:

31 3rd St., Unit 1,
Englehart, ON, P0J 1H0.

Office phone is:  705 536 1176.

Dr. Christopher Hassell

Dr. Christopher Hassell

Founder of Angel's Heart Medical


Inspired by Rudolf Steiner, Dr. Hassell trained in Ireland, Switzerland, Germany and Holland learning natural healing and practiced family medicine for decades.

During that time he studied Oriental Medicine and it’s nutritional therapies, homeopathics, Reiki and other healing. He is a Certified Matrix Repatterning practitioner and is somewhat familiar with German New Medicine.

Location: Thornhill and Muskoka, ON

Click here to read Dr Hassell’s restrictions.

The links to Dr Hassell have been disabled as Dr Hassell’s licence to practice medicine has been suspended by the CPSO.

Please confirm that you have read the restrictions on Dr. Hassell

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