Why Angel’s Heart?

Our story started in 2020 when one physician living and practising in a remote Northern Ontario town called Englehart [Angel Heart in German] realized there was a problem with the Covid narrative and began to speak against it. Dr. Patrick Phillips then drew the wrath of the College of Physicians And Surgeons of Ontario which threatened him, limited his practice and ordered him to be silent. His hospital dismissed him.

Now the voice of dissent is spreading as more people, aware of the health risks of experimental gene therapy, refused treatment and risk becoming socially marginalized. Our network of professionals, some working as volunteers, some able to bill health plans, are coming together to support all-those immunized, the vaccine injured, and those not immunized.

This site hopes to link us together and to connect you to those whom you trust and have the will and the courage to help.

Dr. Patrick Phillips was an emergency room physician in a remote Northern community. He has served as a vocal conscience for our medical community. Now abandoned by his hospital he is ready to offer his support to you through virtual visits and to make local home visits.

Through this site you can request support from one of our team members, use the site as a source for learning or link yourself to offer your services. In every case we welcome you warmly to our human community in the hopes that what we do will reach out with healing into a world already very badly injured.

I am looking for help.
I'd like explore ways in which I might help.